Company Name:
World Children School
Job Description
World Christian School was established in 2013 as an educational setting based on strong Christian values and beliefs. It is a growing facility that follows a specific curriculum for children between the ages of 3 and 10. WCS needs a teacher who is passionate about teaching children during this crucial period of development. Subjects that are taught include basic homework help, the alphabet, shapes, number, phonics, and foreign languages. The teacher must be creative and be able to implement books, artwork, music and games to teach the children the most basic of skills. They should also help children solve problems and also understand concepts.
Duties and Responsibilities
Identifying the learning needs of individual children.
Planning and delivering learning instructions that are based on the needs of the students.
Providing learning environments that are stimulating where the children can develop their potential and also experience growth.
Helping students gain the appropriate attitude, skills and knowledge.
Use such evaluation tools as tests to evaluate the progress of the students.
Communicating to parents and the schools management on the progress of the children.
Serving as mentors and role models to the students.
Organizing, directing and supervising parent volunteers and teaching assistants.
Supervising all after-school and extra-curricular activities.
Attending seminars, sessions related to professional development as well as meetings.
Dealing with family emergencies, forgotten lunches and minor accidents.
Assigning and grading homework and class work
Preparing, administering and grading assignments and tests with an aim of evaluating the progress of the students.
Maintaining student records.
Preparing and implementing remedial sessions for the children who require extra assistance.
Preparing course outlines and objectives.
Enforcing school administration policies.
Providing learning resources and materials.
Planning and supervising trips and classroom activities.
Skills and Specifications
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Must love working with children
Superior organizational skills
Pleasant voice
Superior leadership skills
Education and Qualifications
High School Diploma
Bachelor degree in Educations (preferred)

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